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A neutral and decorative speaker

Calculating the size of a cabinet based on the unit dimension is among the very basics of designing speakers. Next is the allocation of values for the best balance. We developed this speaker with an emphasis on simply enhancing performance as a speaker and giving it a shape that best demonstrates the function.

When we wanted to give a speaker as a gift, we had a hard time finding a neutral and decorative speaker that would go with any kind of room atmosphere, so we thought, "Why don't we make one?" This is how we came to develop "view."

The most common audio devices for people are the early boom boxes and mini components, or more recently iPod earphones and PC speakers. We encourage you to go beyond the basics and take a step further to engage and surround yourself with music using our “view” speaker.

Giving a Gift

We have a dedicated package for "view" to be given to someone as a gift.
The package is designed to fit a pair of speakers. It is not too ornate. The paper has a fine texture and subdued color. We have paid meticulous attention to detail to develop this original design.



For the grill cloth, we have chosen linen made of natural fiber with a high sound transmission rate. We use a high sound quality φ80mm full range speaker unit, which can provide natural and delicate sound. To bring the most out of the unit's performance, we use birch plywood for the cabinet.
*For the surface material, you can choose from birch, American black cherry, walnut, white oak, or bog oak.

  • バーチ / birch

  • アメリカン・ブラックチェリー / american black cherry

  • ウォールナット / walnut

  • ホワイトオーク / white oak

  • ボグオーク / bog oak



製品名 | view(ビュー)
形式 | フルレンジ バスレフ型
使用ユニット | 3インチ フルレンジユニット
再生周波数 | 55Hz - 25kHz (±5dB)
ユニット音圧レベル | 86dB
ユニット最大許容入力 | 30W
システムインピーダンス | 8Ω

外形寸法 | 148W × 240H × 178D (mm)
重量 | 2kg(1台)
仕上げ | バーチ/アメリカン・ブラックチェリー/ウォールナット/ホワイトオーク/ボグオーク
価格 | バーチ仕上げ ¥63,000 (税込・2台1セット)
アメリカン・ブラックチェリー/ウォールナット/ホワイトオーク仕上げ ¥66,000 (税込・2台1セット)
ボグオーク仕上げ ¥70,000(税込・2台1セット)
取り扱い説明書 DL
寸法図面 DL

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